Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Story of CodeHandling - Powered by Design

Until this May, my old CodeHandling blog looked like this: So basically, half the blogs on the internet were better than mine and the other half looked just like this :D

The Rebirth of CodeHandling

Now I was already learning design from a great designer in Santa Fe. Inspired by my master, I decided to perform an experiment.

I took the top 7 design principles and applied them on myblog (just on a couple of pages and overall styles).

Took me hardly 2 days to make this upgrade. After the upgrade, this is how my free plugins page looks like - Earlier our subscription popup totally sucked. Now, it looks like this - So visually, my styles are not out of this world, but they do follow most of the important design principles and social triggers.

The Results were mind-blowing!

A week later, I checked to see if my visitors liked my new designs and the results were amazing for us!

This is my subscription graph as of today. So in short, the subscribers I made in June alone were more than what I made in the last 6 months.
And then in July the subscribers more than quadrupled, giving me a 440% increase in subscribers.

This, my friends, is the power of design. The content I have on my website is still the same. The traffic is increasing steadily but the sales and the subscribers sky rocketed (compared to the previous months obviously).

What you guys should do?

So if you guys are relying only on the features of your products or the value of your content, you are actually losing a lot of sales and subscribers.

Your website design makes the first impression on your visitors and at that very instant, you either assure or lose a sale/subscriber.
  1. So friends, please do not cut corners with your website design.
  2. Also make sure that even if your pages look good to you, they should not look similar to most of the other sites on the web.
  3. In my opinion, what stands out, sells!

What I will do to help

Now what I will do is - next week, I will share a couple of hand-crafted plugins from the Dream Pack. I have used the same design & social principles in this project that I tested and proved working on my blog. Do check them out in my next mail :)

For now, please add a comment and let me know which parts of your website, would you like to improve in terms of visual appearance & design. If possible, I will try to share some CSS code to upgrade that part of your page. Or you can also write to me directly at web.codehandling@gmail.com

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