Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Sales Engine - Find Buyers & Leads on Social Media

Traditionally people create products, spread the word on Social Sites, maybe a couple of Guest Posts and thats it. This approach might give a spike initially but as time passes on the flow of visitors and especially sales reduces. So the question becomes - how to keep up and increase sales gradually without spamming or looking like a Seller on Social Media ?

Our Answer - The Sales Engine which helps you find Buyers and Leads on Social Media. Sales Engine will filter out the sellers and spam from Social Networks and will present to you people, who are most likely to buy your product. You can then contact them personally offering help with your products or services which is a Win - Win situation!



1. Add Keywords that correspond to buyers or your domain
Example: want, buy

2. Add your Product
Example: shoes

Below is a screenshot of the results -

Of course the number of buyers and sellers in the results will change depending upon the domain or the line of products you sell. Below is a screenshot of the results for “website templates” -

You just need to select one important keyword from your product name and add it to the “PRODUCTS” field. All other keywords and part names of your product can go into the “KEYWORDS” field. This design yields more effective and varied results :)

Below are few examples that our customers are using -

Keywords=want,hire,website Product = designer
Keywords=need,website Product=freelancer
Keywords=want,buy Product=shoes
Keywords=want,buy Product=phone
Keywords=want,buy Product=books
Keywords=want,buy,website Product=templates
Keywords=need,wordpress Product=plugin


To Use Online

1. Extract the ZIP in the download package. You should have the folder "sales_engine_envato_x"
2. Just Upload the unzipped folder to your PHP hosting Server
3. Open the HTML page "sales_engine.html"

To Use Locally

If you already have the expertise to use PHP applications, then just follow your procedure. Below is what we use -

1. Install WAMPSERVER depending on your Platform http://www.wampserver.com/en/#download-wrapper
2. Extract the ZIP in the download package. You should have the folder "sales_engine_envato_x"
3. Copy the folder "sales_engine_envato_x" into your "www" directory of the Wamp server. For me its located at "C:\wamp\www"
4. Open the HTML page "sales_engine.html"
5. Make sure your have enabled the cURL extension of PHP in your WAMP server. On Windows, you can do that by clicking on the Wamp Server icon in your Toolbar > PHP > PHP Extensions > php_curl

To Generate the Google API Key

1. Login to http://code.google.com/apis/console
2. Click on the "APIs" link in the left navigation

3. Search for the "Youtube Data API v3"

4. If the status is OFF turn it ON. Similarly also search for the "Google+ API" and change its status to "ON". Both the APIs will shows under Enabled APIs section.

5. Click on the "Credentials" section in the left navigation
6. Under the "Public API access" section, you can see your "API Key"

7. Copy the API Key in to the file "settings.txt" which will be present in your download package at the path "/sales_engine_envato_x/settings"

To Generate Twitter Keys

1. Login to https://apps.twitter.com/ and click on "Create New App" button

2. Fill in the details as shown below and click on "Create Your Twitter Application"

3. Once you Twitter App has been created click on "Keys and Access Tokens" Tab. Here you will find you "API Key" and "API Secret"

4. Now scroll down and click on "Create my Access Token" button

5. Here you can find your "Access Token" and "Access Token Secret"

6. We will need to copy all these 4 values from Twitter and add them into our settings.txt file, like we did for Google. The final settings.txt file should look like


That's it guys. Let us know you thoughts and what features you would like in the next version :)


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