Friday, 3 April 2015

InstaMax 2.0 - Embed a Complete Instagram Photo Gallery on your Website - Jquery plugin

Instamax 2.0 will embed all your photos from Instagram account on your website. Any photo that you upload on your Instagram account will automatically be shown with Instamax!

Instamax will help you grow your followers by atleast 10% as tested by some users during a one-month period!

New Features of Instamax 2.0:

1. Displays all photos of the User
2. Grey and White Skins available
3. Works on any device size (responsive + fluid)
4. Improved lightbox popup for images (responsive + fluid)
5. Optimized code overload (minified JS+CSS ~ 50KB)
6. Customize anything with CSS (or send us an Email)


1. Grey Skin

2. Mobile Mode

3. White Skin


1. Include plugins

Upload the package to your server (or any hosting platform even Google Drive). Include the plugins as shown below -

2. Create a container for your interface

Add a div as shown below in you HTML. This div will contain the Instamax widget and display your Instagram photos.

3. Call the Instamax plugin

You can directly use the Generator to generate the below jQuery call code

Below is the complete documentation of each option.

4. How to get the Instagram Client ID

1. Login to Instagram Developers website.
2. Click on the "Manage Clients" button at the top

3. Click on "Register a New Client" button

4. Enter your details as shown in the below screen and then click on Register

5. You new Instagram App will be created and you will be able to see your Client ID as shown below

That's it guys, let me know in the below comments, what features you would like in the next version.

For support on the plugin or if you need any help in setting up, please directly comment on the CodeCanyon page of Pimax to receive faster and direct developer support.


  1. i don't know how to do all this. i thought it was a easy install, activate bam but it is not installing on wordpress

  2. This thing does not work! Tried everything to get this on my wp site. Really frustrating. Not easy to use. You have to go to a separate website to get the embed codes after manually getting your instagram client id from the developer tools. Then it doesn't show your feed at all.

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