Saturday, 21 March 2015

Why Like Box and Video Embed Cannot Help you Much and What Will..

Okay so your website is up and running and now your primary goal is to get more engagement on Social media - probably on your Facebook FanPage for your business or maybe your YouTube channel etc. Now the question is how do you convert your website visitors into followers, so that they subscribe to your channel or like your FanPage and keep receiving future updates.

The Science

Now I bet you have seen those sqeaky little widgets like YouTube video embed, Like Box, Google+ badge etc. on every website on the planet. The truth is that these are not going to help you much unless you already have a million subscribers or fans; in which case I would be tempted to check out your channel, right?

Consider a normal scenario where a new user lands on your website and has no idea about your channel or your fanpage. In this case the user checks out a latest post or maybe a video on that webpage and if that content is pure gold, you might get a follower. Most of the times you will lose that user because not every content is going to appeal to every user. Basically you are giving yourself 1 or 2 shots at getting a new follower.

Now imagine you have your complete FanPage or your YouTube channel on your website or a landing page. So in this case your users are seeing a lot of thumbnails of your videos, posts from your Facebook Page, your best Playlists and Albumns etc. The user checks out some content that might be useful to him and voila, you get a follower.

So what changed here? Did you start writing super awesome content that appeals to everybody? No, that is not possible! What happened here is that your chances to get a follower increased dramatically. The user was free to check out all your videos, posts etc. on a single page without having to find you on YouTube or Facebook. The user was able to find some content that was useful to him and was tempted to follow you.

Applying the Science

Now that we know what to do, the question becomes how to do it. I will show you solutions on how to embed your Complete YouTube channel or a Facebook FanPage on your website. But you will have to choose one and go for it -

1. For YouTube Channel Embeds

The premium solution here would be to use the Youmax plugin. With Youmax, you can have your Uploads and PlayLists displayed beautifully with Tabbed navigation. Videos can be displayed in a popup or inside your page itself. Users can also add YouTube comments and finally subscribe to your channel.

The free solution would be to use the Iframe embed of YouTube. This will let you embed a single video or a playlist or your Uploads using an Iframe. Follow the documentation here to embed different types of objects.

Some other solutions inculde the below
Youmax - Free version
YT Channel Embed
Custom Solutions for developers

2. For Facebook FanPage Embeds

The premium solution here would be to use the Famax plugin. With Famax, you can display yout FanPage Posts, Tags, Albums and Videos each in a separate Tab. Users can like your FanPage, like you individual posts and even comment on posts - pretty much eye candy for them.

The free solution here would be to use the Facebook Like Box widget with the Show Posts option. This will display your FanPage posts and a like button for your page. However, this is essentially an iframe, so its better to use it as a side column widget.

Some more solutions include the below
Famax - Free version
Custom Facebook Feed Plugin
Facebook Galeria

What Next

All the above solutions and plugins have live edit demos. This mean you can play around with them and check how your fanpage or channel looks like with different plugin options. There are also other solutions that you can Google out and test on your websites. But remember, use only those plugins that will impress your users. Good content with a bad interface will not help you.

So that's it guys. Let us know which solutions you are using on your websites. Also share your thoughts on what else you would like to hear about in future. Cheers!