Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Free Version of Famax WordPress - Facebook FanPage on your Website

Try Famax 4.0 for WordPress!

Free WordPress plugin - Famax 1.1

Features of the Free version are same as the jQuery plugin. You can customize Famax UI as per your requirement. For example, you can set the number of columns between 1 to 3, control the maximum results, hide headers etc. You can set the width of the Famax widget as a percentage to make it fluid.

Also check out the Live Edit Demo to see how your FanPage looks like with Famax.


1. Add Famax to WordPress

The "famaxfun-wordpress" folder is the actual installable WordPress plugin when you ZIP it.

Download the folder "famaxfun-wordpress" and move it under "wp-content/plugins" folder in WordPress.

OR You can Install the ZIP via the WordPress Admin Console - Add plugin page.

2. Add ShortCode for Famax plugin

Add the [famaxfun] shortcode with mandatory options in any post or page wherever you want the plugin to appear.

Below is a list of all attributes that you can use in the Shortcode.

3. How to create your Facebook App

Refer the step by step screenshot

That's it guys. Comment below and let me know what other features you would like in the next version!

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