Saturday, 14 March 2015

Free version of Famax jQuery plugin - Embed Facebook FanPage on your Website

Try Famax 4.0 (Javascript)

Guys, we are very happy to announce that the Free version of Famax is now Live once again. There are still many areas where Famax can be improved and we are working on it. We have many updates lined up for both the Free version and the Premium version of Famax.

In the free version, you can customize Famax UI as per your requirement. For example, you can set the number of columns between 1 to 3, control the maximum results, hide headers etc. You can set the width of the Famax widget as a percentage to make it scale up and down for various devices.


1. Include plugins

Upload the download package to your server at the appropriate path. Include the plugin as shown below

2. Create a container for your interface

Add a div as shown below in you HTML. This div will contain the Famax widget and display your channel feed.

3. Call the Famax plugin

4. How to get create your Facebook App

1. Login to Facebook Developers website.
2. From the "My Apps" drop down click on "Add a New App"

3. Click on the Website option

4. Type in a name for your app and click on "Create ..."

5. Give it a category and click on "Create APP ID"

6. Type in the name of your website and click "Next"

7. Now Click on the "My Apps" tab on the top of the page. You should see your new app. Click on it.

8. Here you can find you App Id and App Secret

9. Fill in your Contact email in Settings page. Then Fill your App details on the App Details page as shown in the below screen. Also upload an App Icon on the same page.

10. Go to the Status and Review Tab on the left and toggle the button so that you app will be live and available to all users.

That's it guys. Let me know what other improvements you would like in the next version!
Download is live!


  1. live demo link... doesn´t work

    1. Plugin has been updated. Live Demo works :)

  2. your link to generate token no longer works

    1. The Token Generator is working fine -

      Please check the steps at the end of the page to generate the token :)

  3. Hi there,

    Have downloaded the plugin for wordpress followed all the instruction but it is not showing on my page for some reason.

    Could you please advise on that?


    1. We need to check on the WP version and update it. Will take some time. You can download the latest Javascript version which is guaranteed to work from our free plugins area :)

  4. can this work in website???

    1. Yes, this is pure HTML and Javascript. Can be used on any website :)

  5. Hi there still no wordpress version fixed ?


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