Sunday, 15 February 2015

Youmax 4.0 for WordPress - Bring YouTube to your Users

Youmax 8.0 released for WordPress!

Youmax 4.0 - WordPress plugin

New Features of Youmax 4.0:

1. Tabs based on a Search criteria
2. Display videos either Inline or as a Popup
3. Drop Down in place of tabs for Mobile mode
4. A new skin for Youmax

Youmax 3.0 Features:

5. Works on any device size (responsive + fluid)
6. Fancy layout (new grid + header)
7. Load more button for playlists
8. Improved lightbox popup for videos (responsive + fluid)
9. Optimized code overload (minified JS+CSS ~ 40KB)
10. Uses YouTube v3.0 API
11. Customize anything with CSS (or send us an Email)


Refer here for screenshot


1. Add Youmax to WordPress

Download the folder "youmax-wordpress" and move it under "wp-content/plugins" folder in WordPress.
Or you can Install this folder via the WordPress Admin Console - Add plugin page.

2. Add ShortCode for Youmax plugin

Add the [youmax] shortcode with mandatory options in any post or page wherever you want the plugin to appear.

Use the ShortCode Generator to get your shortcodes.

Below is a list of all attributes that you can use in the [youmax] Shortcode.

3. How to get your YouTube API Key

Refer the step by step screenshot
Refer the video

Please generate your personal API Key and use that. The API Key provided in the Demo expires after some time.

Download is live now :)

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