Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to build responsive webpages in less than 15 minutes each - Build with Cards

Build with Cards is an online tool that helps you build your website in a different way - using CARDS.

Here is what they claim "Our aim is to help developers and designers make websites according to their design as FAST as possible...". We tried using this tool with a particular layout and design in mind. It took us less than 15-20 mins to build a perfect webpage that works on all devices!

Below is a short video that explains the concept of their tool "The Card Engine"

Every CARD is a component that is coded to work perfectly in any device
We provide all basic and some complex cards that you will need to build your website

EFFECTS are components that can be applied over other CARDS
Below are some basic effects that are available

The Card Engine is our tool that helps you put together CARDS and EFFECTS to make an awesome website as per your design
Below is the main control panel of the tool

Below are the main control buttons that appear on every card in the tool
If you use these buttons wisely, any layout in your design can be made!

A quick Sneak-Peek of "Build With Cards"

1. This tool is way better than those drag and drop website builders available online.
2. It's possible to develop almost any layout or design; all you need to do is play with cards.
3. You can get the complete website code that you develop in the tool and host it anywhere.


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