Friday, 4 January 2013

The Blog-Face 1.0 - Jquery Plugin that creates your blog home page with a brick-wall look!

"A good interface is one which you don't have to build!"
Introducing, BlogFace 1.0, a new jQuery plugin that will build a brick-wall view for your blog home page. All you need to do is specify your blog URL in your javascript. More recent articles will be better positioned and will have a better size. Additionally, every article on the interface will have a zoom on mouse hover effect. This zoom effect can be toggled at run time by pressing "b".

How to use:

The download pack contains the plugin files - blogface.min.js and the extended hover zoom plugin - hover_zoom_extended.min.js.
The file blogface_demo.html is the html file deployed in my live demo. blogface_blogger.html is the file deployed in my blog as a blog page.

1. Specify your blog URL

Enter you blog URL in a piece of javascript as shown below

2. Include plugins

Include the jQuery plugin if not done already. Now, include the plugin blogface.min.js and the hover zoom plugin hover_zoom_extended.min.js

3. Create a container for your interface

Add a div as shown below. This div will contain your interface and display a maximum of 20 recent articles from your blog feed.
If less articles are shown, you can increase the number of articles in your feed by modifying your blog settings.

The view will occupy 720px in width and a maximum of 640px in height when all 20 articles are displayed. So make sure you have that amount of space available on you webpage.


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    1. can you add feature next/previous, so just not 20 :D

    2. yup sure, will make a version 2.0 with next and pervious buttons..

    3. add default image for post not add image :D

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