Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Facio - Jquery Plugin that creates a Facebook Fan page feed widget with Likes

Use Famax 1.0 - new free version

Every business and most blogs now have their own facebook fan page. Now I introduce, Facio - a new jQuery plugin that creates a widget on your website. This widget will have the recent feeds of your fan page and will also display what other people are talking about it. A like box for the fan page is also displayed in the widget. Just include this plugin, specify your fan page URL and expose social content of your fan page on your website!

How to use:

The download pack contains the plugin file - facio.min.js and the HTML file deployed in the demo facio.html

1. Specify your blog URL

Enter you facebook fanpage URL in a piece of javascript as shown below. You may also customize the dimensions of your widget as required.

2. Include plugins

Include the jQuery plugin if not done already. Now, include the plugin facio.min.js before the end of your body tag and you are done!

3. Create a container for your interface

Add a div as shown below in you HTML. This div will contain the facio widget and display likes with Fanpage feed.

Voila! - fanpage feeds on your webpage - done!


  1. Hi,

    your facio plugin was just what i needed! Fantastic! There is only one however... it doesn't work in IE... Yes, darn IE again! Any ideas on that one?
    Thanks alot for your efforts to make life easier for people like me!!!

    1. Aahhh.. IE, so you brought the dagger to the table :D
      well, the problem is that such kind of AJAX requests are not supported by IE 7/8 ..

      Good news is that it works in IE 10 :)

    2. Well, that dagger ain't that sharp of a knife any more ;)

      Back to the good ol' conditional comments" then...


  2. awesome plugin......very very useful

  3. The links that are used in the facebook posts don't work, any ideas?

    1. Well, any Facebook page URL of the form - "http://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobileIndia?ref=stream" OR "http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheldon-Cooper/23519525029?ref=stream" is working for me ... and the feeds are displayed..

      Could you please share you links so that I can debug?

    2. Could i pm/mail it to you?

    3. sure ... web.codehandling@gmail.com

    4. but again .. i wonder .. if its a Fb fanpage link u can share it rightaway .. :)

  4. Awesome pluggin, really it adds value to my website

  5. Thanks! It's not online yet but come soon.

    1. We will release a new version of our Facio plugin this weekend...

      It's with a great front end; facebook like view ... and additional lightbox features for pics and videos..


    2. I'd really like that! Especially with the lightbox thing for pictures! Thanks!

  6. Hi Jake,

    as said before, really looking forward at the new version of Facio.
    I came across problems... The loading time is effecting the webpage. This happens when the user uploaded movie's to his timeline. When the movie autoplays the loading time gets even worse! This is dramatic when there are multiple movies on the timeline.
    Whe PM-ed about the not clickable links, you've fixed this very kindly but the picture's on the timeline can't be clicked, is this what your new version takes care of?

    Further more i really want to thank you for making this plugin. Guys like you make the lives of n00B's like me more easy.

    1. I understand the page load problem because of movies ..
      All these problems including clickable pics/videos are fixed .. and combined with a cool view, we will release the new plugin in this week!

      Thanks for your update.


    2. DUDE, you's incredible ;)
      Can't wait!
      Thanks again,



  7. Latest version of Facio relased .... "Famax"

    Check out -

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  9. Fantastic!
    But I need to change the template from CSS. What are the id and class?

  10. I have been using the plugin for a while but suddenly it has stopped showing feeds.All I could is the the number of like button on the top of the widget and a text loading message.Can anyone help me how to fix the issue.

    1. Please use Famax 2.0 - http://www.codehandling.com/2015/01/famax-20-facebook-fan-page-on-your.html

  11. Hey Guys, Famax 2.0 is live now. Please use that instead :)

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