Saturday, 24 November 2012

Social Marketing of your webpage on Facebook using META tags

Facebook has this amazing functionality that can publish a page-object containing information about your webpage.
This page-object box is published on a user's wall whenever your page is "recommended", "liked", or just normally shared by the user.
You can set this data that is published in the object box by using META tags on your webpage.

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How to implement:

1. Create a Facebook app

You need to create a Facebook app and specify your website that requires a Facebook login.
Specify your web domain under which your webpages will be hosted.

2. Update your webpage with the code for Fb Like button

Generate the facebook Like button code here. Put this code in your webpage.

3. Update the Open Graph settings of your Fb App

In the Open Graph section of your Facebook app, specify an action type "like" for Object Type "object" and Get Started.

Now click the Get Code link for your Object Type. Fb will provide you the head section of your webpage having all META tags. Just copy the code to your HTML head and update the values for the properties "og:url", "og:title", "og:image", "og:description" as required.

Sample code that I used in my HTML Head -

Dats It!! Now when any user hits your like button or send button or simply posts this web link, your object-box will be published on his wall having all the info you provided in the META tags.

In the next part of this post, we will see how to market your webpage using Facebook Actions.

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  1. Note: Use the Fb Lint tool and debug your web link in case your updated META tags do not reflect the new information.