Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to build responsive webpages in less than 15 minutes each - Build with Cards

Build with Cards is an online tool that helps you build your website in a different way - using CARDS.

Here is what they claim "Our aim is to help developers and designers make websites according to their design as FAST as possible...". We tried using this tool with a particular layout and design in mind. It took us less than 15-20 mins to build a perfect webpage that works on all devices!

Below is a short video that explains the concept of their tool "The Card Engine"

Friday, 14 February 2014

How to design website progres bars with minimal effort using css3

Progre(c)ss is a plugin that helps you create pure css progress bars with minimal effort.

The script takes advantage of CSS pseudo elements and preprocessing tools such as __less and sass. We can add progre(c)ss bars to any existing element on our page without being intrusive just by adding some attributes and classes.

Preprocessing tools such as less and sass mean we can write minimal code making use of looping in order to sit back and reap the benefits and drink a coffee!

Browser Support - Fully supported from IE10 up and rest other browsers

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to fund your project online with Gittip crowd funding system

GITTIP is a cool system wherein you can give away cash tips to people who inspire you. This works well particularly for individual bloggers or small companies. The intension is to help individuals or startups pay their bills. Also, since bills are recurring, the tip system is weekly.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bitconfig - Live edit and visually implement jQuery plugins

Okay, what we are going to see today is a way to implement plugins jQuery plugins visualy, I mean without coding! So this is possible with our live edit system at Bitconfig.

So what is Bitconfig ?

Bitconfig is a live edit and implementation system for jQuery plugins. You just need to set the plugin options on the Bitconfig interface and watch the live demo as per your configurations. In a way, you are actually implementing the plugin functionality as per your need without coding.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

myCharts - Items with a rank on your website - uses G+ albums - jQuery plugin

myChart is a jquery plugin that creates a ranking list on your webpage using images and data from a particular google plus album. All you have to do is specify that google album in your javascript.

Each image is treated as an item (Ex: a movie or song etc.). The data for each item such as rank, title, a link etc. is stored in the caption text field of that image in your google albums.

Using this plugin you can display a list of items ie. songs, movies, apps or your products in a ranked fashion. The plugin is fully responsive; works on mobile devices, tablets etc.

For better visibility, you can make sure that the dimensions of your image are equal ie. a square.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

mySlide - slideshow on your website using Google+ album - jQuery plugin

mySlide is a jquery plugin that will create a slideshow on your website using images from a particular google plus album. All you have to do is specify that google album in your javascript. You may also add a link url in the caption field of your image in the google+ albums interface. When you do that, the slideshow image will have a link to that URL. Hence when users click on that image in the slideshow, they will be redirected to your custom URL.

- you can customize width and height of the widget on your website.
- you can customize the time interval between auto change of the slideshow images
- the widget itself is responsive; given a width or % for the widget, the inner contents will resize accordingly.

For better visibility, you can make sure that the dimensions of your widget are equal to the dimensions of your album images.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

myEvents - Your Google calendar events now on your website - jQuery plugin

Now share your business events in your Google Calendar on your website. This plugin will create an event calendar for you on your webpage. All you have to do is to create a public calendar for your website using Google calendar service and your events will be pulled and displayed on your HTML page. You may also share events with images by adding the image link in your Event description in Google Calendar. The events are also linked to your Google calendar page.